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KeyStore & Filshill

Who Are Filshill?


KeyStore’s parent company is JW Filshill Ltd. Along with our KeyStore brand, Filshill is at the top of the Advantage Report rankings. We’re a switched-on business that is always looking to the future. Our new HQ will open in 2022 and we are constantly investing in our people and processes. That means that you get the benefit of dealing with a team of people who will always help your business be at the leading edge.

Independent Family Business


As a business for families, we ensure that we carry our family values through all our business dealings. That’s why so many families like doing business with us. We understand the pressures and the hours that all our customers work, and we believe that we have to make sure we work as hard to give them the service and advice they need to succeed.

Our Business Development Managers will help you at every step of the way, developing your business and giving you expert advice on products and shop layouts. We believe that data is our biggest asset and we are constantly looking at data from across our industry to ensure we can give you accurate advice that will inform great business decisions.

Filshill Buying Power


Filshill is part of the Unitas Wholesale, the largest wholesale services company in the UK, with a buying power in excess of £8.5 billion. Our CEO, Simon Hannah, is now chairman of that organisation. In addition, we have the best reputation in the marketplace with our suppliers. The Advantage Report shows that we are top when it comes to working with the biggest brands in the UK. That means we have access to new product launches and promotions, and that we will always be able to offer you the brands that your customers want to buy.

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