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Why KeyStore?

Our core brand, KeyStore is simply one of the most recognisable convenience store brands in the UK with stores throughout Scotland, and rapid development in the North of England. The KeyStore brand offers consistency in look, feel and product mix. It also ensures that your shop is branded throughout, externally and internally.

Benefits of becoming a KeyStore

Increased profits and larger customer base

Modern, well branded fascia

Range of branded clothing

Product range and planning advice

Marketing, promotions support & planogram advice

Access to a wider range of brands

Membership of Scottish Grocers Federation & Association of Convenience Stores

EPOS System

All my shops look great. The great thing is that KeyStore listen. We regularly beat some of the big supermarket chains in terms of product pricing. One of the most important things for me is that my customers are really loyal to my shops and the KeyStore brand.

Freddie Lalli, Owner of KeyStores across multiple sites

EPOS System

Having the right technology is so important if you are going to be effective in your business. You’ll have limited resources in terms of staff, and you’ll be working long hard hours to make your business work. One way to free up time is by using better data that will help you make more money. That’s exactly what our Re-Scan EPOS system does.

Benefits of our EPOS/Rescan system:
Saves you time.
Helps you manage your business more effectively.
Swap out policy if there are any hardware issues.
Provides you with current sales data, allowing you to improve margins and stock availability.
Helps focus on best-selling products and lines .
Helps you clear slow selling lines .
It is free on loan.

Online Ordering Portal & App

The Filshill online ordering website is a great way for you to free up valuable time and ensure that you have the stock you need for your business.

Here are the key features of the ordering website and App:
It is easy to use, easy to navigate, and easy to add, change and delete products. There is a smooth and easy checkout process. Keyword search boxes make it easy to find what you’re looking for quickly, and check your past invoices and order history

Benefits of the ordering website and App:
Free up your time and spend it on improving your own business.
Ordering online is faster and more efficient than doing paperwork or calling over the phone.
You can order when you like. You’re not stuck to office hours.
See what is available at your time of ordering.
See all the great promotional offers immediately.
You won’t miss out on ordering produce that has sold well for you.
See all your account details and manage your business more effectively.
Link to our EPOS/Re-Scan system and manage stock more effectively, and see your stock levels change in real time.
Access to merchandising planograms.

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