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Are there any initial costs?

Depending on the current conditions of your store, we may require some investment to meet our minimum criteria. Our BDMs would discuss this with you and make sure both sides are comfortable with the budget going forward.

Are there delivery charges?

No, we don’t charge for deliveries as long as you take a minimum 50 case drop. We also deliver your goods into your shop with our flexible delivery service.

Is there a minimum spend?

No – again, all we ask is that you take a minimum 50 case drop.

Is there a minimum percentage of buying through JW Filshill?

We don’t put an exact figure on this although we expect our KeyStore customers to purchase all stock from JW Filshill with the exception of some local produce – we have third-party relationships with over 40 suppliers to cover a large range of products in different categories.

Is there a minimum length contract?

Minimum is three years with a maximum of five years dependent upon investment.

Will I have to purchase any new equipment, such as EPOS?

We highly recommend you use our Re-Scan EPOS system due to the exclusive benefits it can bring but it is not a requirement. We provide the hardware free on loan for a monthly support fee – please speak to one of our BDMs to find out more.

How frequent are the deliveries?

Deliveries can be up to three times a week. This depends on the size of the delivery and your geographical location.

How quick are the lead times for deliveries?

Our lead times can be as short as 24 hours if orders are placed before 10 am and depending on your geographical location.

How extensive is the product range?

We have an incredibly extensive product offering with over 8,000 lines. You can see everything we stock in our online store, and on our six-weekly supplier partnership brochure.

Do you provide development support and in what form?

Yes, we pride ourselves on adding value to our customers business. Our BDMs and sales team are fully trained in every aspect of the business, which means that you can be assured that you get the best advice to take your business forward.

How competitive are your prices compared to your other suppliers?

We work very hard with all our suppliers to make sure that you have top brands at the lowest possible prices. Our supplier partnerships also help you get access to a full range of produce to enable you to buy everything you will need and only receive one invoice. Our KeyStore customers gain access to enhanced pricing due to their high levels of promotional visibility and engagement in core range commitment.

Do you provide a chilled & frozen range?

Yes. Through our supplier partnerships you have access to over 40 suppliers of chilled, frozen and fresh produce.

Do you have a charity scheme that I can support my local community through?

Yes, we have our high-profile KeyStore Community Fund which is part of our overall ‘We’ll Support You Ever More’ campaign. You can read about it online at the Filshill and KeyStore websites. Getting involved in the local community and letting people know how KeyStore is playing its part is what sets our stores apart from the competition – and increases customer loyalty. We will look to match your charity support £ for £ to increase the impact for your community project. We will also continue to support the Healthy Living Award healthy eating campaigns such as the ‘Wellby’ fruit campaign.

What kind of consumer offers do you run?

We run three-weekly promotions that are heavily biased towards the biggest brands in the marketplace. Our great relationship with suppliers means that sometimes we get exclusive deals. We also ensure that many of our offers are relevant to popular themes throughout the year, including Christmas, Easter, Summer, Halloween etc. Our customers will also get Day 1 availability on agreed New Product Launches.

Do you offer advertising support – either nationally or locally?

Yes, we carry out both national and local advertising using radio, newspaper and event advertising. Our social media sites provide an easy way to share posts and we have dedicated support to help set up your own social media channels to engage directly with your customers. We also have our KeyStore Community Fund campaign which provides excellent PR opportunities for local newspapers and trade press.

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